QAZAQSTAN Central Concert Hall


QAZAQSTAN Central Concert Hall

QAZAQSTAN CCH is a unique complex of the young capital designed for events of various levels: concerts of world and domestic stars, celebrations and official meetings, exhibitions, conferences, presentations.

The idea to create QAZAQSTAN concert hall belongs to N.A. Nazarbayev, the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The vanguard appearance of the concert hall combining the harmony of music and beautiful nature reflects the spirit of our young capital. The famous Italian architect Manfredi Nicoletti is the author of the unique building. This one of the most beautiful architectural structures in the world celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

Kazakh Concert, the largest concert organization of the country began its activities based at the QAZAQSTAN concert hall since 2016.

The large concert hall is designed for 3,500 seats and is unique in its architectural and acoustic characteristics. The large hall is divided into 4 sectors:

  • stalls (488 seats);

  • circle (543 seats);

  • the upper circle (1804 seats);

  • balcony (396 seats).

It exhibits all the functions, including the ability to change its position and acoustics, depending on the events held in it. The fantastic acoustic effect was achieved thanks to the atrium which is made in the form of a musical instrument and can be “tuned” to any show, whether it is a symphony concert, opera or film screening. The atrium is decorated with a special tree outside and inside that allows acoustics to perform its functions without any restrictions. Even the floor of the concert hall is made of special parquet with high wear resistance and is laid in a special way with the acoustic slope.

Stage (area 274 sq.m.) has a special place in the hall and is divided into 2 parts. The front part is reserved for the orchestra and has separate exits for the instrumentalists.

It's worth noting that the atrium has a very beneficial feature to become smaller visually. This can be done due to separate hanging curtains, which at mounting on ceiling girders cut off the balcony as the upper level of the hall and the upper circle as several sectors of the third level. Thus, the hall, designed for 3,500 seats, can easily be converted into a hall for 2,000 seats.

Renkus-Heinz (USA) sound cluster with a total capacity of 25 kilowatts is situated above the stage, at its most central point. 12 front column loudspeakers distributing sound directly to all fronts and convey it to each sector are situated along the hall perimeter.

The large-format movie screen measuring 14x8 meters allows to hold various movie screenings and video presentations with the ability to play videos in any most advanced format, including Blue Ray.

The chamber hall has a capacity of 250 seats and is considered as one of the best chamber venues in the capital due to its excellent acoustic characteristics. 

The chamber hall made it possible to expand significantly the repertoire and genre opportunities of the Kazakh Concert State Commercial Association (SCA). The performances of leading soloists and on-stage performance groups of the concert organization, concerts of chamber music, jazz and folk music, recitals of young musicians, musical evenings, literary soirees, themed nights, jubilee parties, one-man shows, celebrity stakeouts take place there.


Address: 10/1, Мangilik el Ave., Nur-Sultan, the RK 

Contacts: 8 (7172) 70–53–03

8 (7172) 70–52–41

Bicycle parking: in front of the building

Parking: Free ground parking with 150 places. Arrival from Shemshі Kaldayayakov Street 

Entrance: from Shemshі Kaldayayakov Street

Cashier: 8 (7172) 70–52–56

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