Palace of Independence

Nur-Sultan, ave. Tauelsizdik 52


Palace of Independence

The Palace of Independence was built for official events and international meetings. Here state congresses, various forums, conferences, and meetings are held at the highest levels.

The Palace of Independence can accommodate four thousand people at any single time. It was designed to host a whole set of events. Inside there are not only rooms for meetings, conferences, and presentations, but also galleries and a museum, an electronic library, and a model room, as well as two modern cinemas, 4D and with 360-degree projection. It is here that unique finds from ancient times are displayed: the Golden Man, the Sarmatian Warrior, the Berel horses, and stones carved with mysterious inscriptions.

The largest room is the Congress Hall, which can seat 3082 people. The third floor hosts the Nur-Sultan City Museum, which describes the entire history of the capital and has various documents, gifts offered to the city, and certificates of achievement.

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